Our Facility

It has always been a core principle and striving practice, since our inception, to be considerate and thoughtfully aware of responsible stewardship for our surrounding environment both in our DuMOL Estate Vineyards, the newly-constructed winery and our ongoing wine making activities. These past and ongoing practices have had very positive impacts and I have chronicled a few below;

DuMOL Estate Vineyards are sustainably farmed absent of any pesticides or harmful chemical applications. We also employ several organic and biodynamic methods we feel promote and enhance the long term health of our vineyard soils and vines.

In 2008 we constructed our new winery which was the first “green” building in the Town of Windsor and serves as an example and standard for present and future wineries contemplated in the Township.

We are 100% solar powered and produce electrical power which exceeds our own usage and needs.

We designed, built and presently operate a bioreactor system which treats and processes all of our waste water from winery processing activities and then releases it into the Town Of Windsor sewer system with equivalent strength levels below a single family household.

Our water usage to produce a case of wine during the wine making process is less than ½ the amount consumed by other wineries in the area, documented by a study commissioned by the Town of Windsor to investigate wastewater capacity fees for a small winery classification.

Additional measures employed to insulate our wall panels, roof and exterior doors, including the use of night air to naturally adjust and lower ambient temperatures within the winery further conserve and reduce energy consumption.
In the final analysis you would be hard pressed to find a winery more energy efficient or respectful of our natural resources than DuMOL. These are but a few of the measures we have taken and rest assured we will continue to produce our DuMOL wines always respectful of our environmental surroundings.


Andy Smith, Viticulturist – Winemaker – Proprietor