Our Process

2015 marked the 20th harvest for us at DuMOL. Over these many varied vintages we have thoughtfully assembled an unparalleled collection of vineyard sites that are farmed to our precise specifications. In these vineyards we work hard to minimize external inputs promoting soil and vine health to produce grapes that allow us to bring distinctive wines to bottle. We believe in wine quality through precise viticulture and reasoned sustainable and organic farming and you will more often find us in the vineyard focusing on original grape quality rather than in the winery trying to find ways to ‘improve’ finished wines.

In the winery we work in a patient, sensitive and classical manner to maintain all the natural nuances and detail of the grapes and to bring to bottle wines that capture all of the characteristics of these wonderful vineyard sites – the true specific ‘vineyard signature.’ We have a strong stylistic vision for our wines and have the vineyard sites to match this vision. We produce wines that we believe in and enjoy drinking rather than for reviews, scores or the latest trend. These are wines that develop and mature with time in bottle to achieve greater complexity than pure fruit alone. We fine tune and experiment each year and believe that quality comes from the layering of a whole series of nuances which combine to create the detail we love in our wines.